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Our pit crew - the people behind English RetreadsPeople

English Retreads purses, handbags, shoulder bags and messenger bags are eco-conscious, made in the USA, stylish and unique.

Heather English: owner/designer

In the shop: The creator of English Retreads, Heather is the one behind the wheel. She designs, produces, coordinates and gets to make the executive decisions.

On the road: Hiking and biking and traveling, oh my! Meditation, gardening, solitary retreats, and dreaming of her future hen house keep her head in the clouds and her feet on the ground.

Fave pit stop: Relaxing with her toes in the sand – any beach will do from the Lost Coast to Koh Plateen or even Leao Beach.

Jamie Goodman: operations manager

In the shop: Jamie is English Retreads' primary contact for amazing customer service, inquiries, and most important of all, maintaining the proper level of humor when things get hectic. Her detail oriented nature keeps things running smoothly while her creative sense and "get it done" attitude make accomplishing new and fun tasks one of the best parts of the job.

On the road: Loves traveling, especially when it's to visit with family and friends, amazing music venues that host her favorite bands, and being present in the moment.

Fave pit stops: Hole in the wall Mexican restaurants, any good sushi joint, in the mountains amongst the stars, and being close to the ocean.

Beau: our mascot

In the shop: Beau is our gentle reminder to go with the flow...take it easy...be cool...eat snacks whenever possible.

On the road: Beau is well on his way to sporting the English Retreads Seat Belt as his collar! He doesn't like to brag, but his neck is bigger than most women's waists in Boulder.

Fave pit stop: Any body of water. Swimming is great, but the main attraction is snorting all the water and then coughing it up. We wonder if he will ever learn....

The pit crew

The JS Sewing production team is essential in steering English Retreads straight onto the handbag high road… Besides going out to various local truck and bike shops to collect inner tubes, the JS Sewing team takes the driver’s seat for all washing, cutting, sewing, riveting and tuning-up handbags. Hand-crafted right here in Boulder, Colorado.